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The Ascent of Mount Carmel continues, with a darned good reason prophecies sometimes aren’t fulfilled: hidden conditions not being met.

Chapter 20: Wherein is proved by passages from Scripture how the sayings and words of God, though always true, do not always rest upon stable causes.


I apologize for posting so short a part so early, but I am going to be doing stuff with my family most of the weekend. Better a small posting than none at all. But I will try to make more headway, I promise.


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Welcome to this product of middle-aged inability to concentrate, odd tastes in reading, and reluctance to watch TV every night. 🙂

Right now, I’m doing a mystery novel set in a small Dorset town; an O. Henry novel set in South America; a Regency romance written during the Regency; a science fiction novel where big business and aliens collide in a struggle over the definition of sapience and… planet zoning; a book on prayer and divine union by St. John of the Cross; a book on management by St. Gregory the Great; a religious education treatise by St. Augustine; and various other stuff I hope you’ll enjoy.

If you like short stories (or don’t feel like committing to a novel), check the “Short Stories” category on the sidebar to your right.

If you like the idea of public domain audiobooks, be sure to visit Librivox too.

You may also like to check out a public domain book I’ve been gradually webbing up: Thomas Livius’ The Blessed Virgin in the Fathers of the First Six Centuries. It’s an amazing storehouse of information, images, and references. For example, here’s an image of Mary you never got in religion class (based on the Song of Songs verse about “terrible as an army”):

“Scatter our enemies visible and invisible; be thou a tower of strength, an armament of war, a strong battle set in array, a leader and invincible defender to us, unworthy though we be, in the face of our foes.”

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The Nebuly Coat continues. Mr. Sharnall is growing strangely nervous. Is it the bishop’s visit, loneliness, or something more sinister?

Chapter 11, Part 2


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