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The Pharsalia concludes (earlier than the poet planned) with Caesar vacationing in beautiful, hospitable Alexandria. (Called Pharos here, because that’s the big lighthouse.) He meets a nice lady named Cleopatra, whom Lucan doesn’t like very much. Havoc ensues.

Book 10: Caesar in Egypt



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Podcasting Mishap Week

Apparently this week and last have been Podcasting Mishap Week. Not only have I been tired, semi-sick, and a bit depressed. No. I have also managed to a) pull out my microphone for all but three minutes of a chapter of Nebuly Coat, b) stall out my computer this morning when about to complete recording the last chapter of Lucan’s Pharsalia, and c) be unable to record at lunchtime due to fighting a minor fire in the shredded bark landscaping material by the back door of the pizza place.

(Fire safety hint for litterers: shredded bark landscaping stuff = tinder. Strong gusts of wind don’t help. The pizza place was very lucky I came by before the fire spread to the plants in the landscaping, or the pizza place itself. Fortunately, stomping by me and buckets of water by them took care of this smoldering problem.)

I am going to break this streak tonight, God willing and the creek don’t rise. But honestly, this has not been my best week ever.

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