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St. Augustine continues his letter with advice on how to stay cheerful and enthusiastic about teaching the faith, with various situations that might get you down or convince you that you’re not expressing your meaning well. Highly useful for RCIA and CCD teachers, or just for general confidence and strategic thinking about public speaking.

Part 3


Sorry I didn’t post this earlier. I thought I’d posted it before I went to choir, but I forgot to make it public. Oops.


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Blog Announcement

No, I haven’t forgotten “On the Catechizing of the Unlearned”. I’ll be posting the next part later today. I think you CCD, RCIA and homeschool teachers will find it very useful. It’s all about how to keep up your spirits about your teaching skills, so you can teach more effectively, more from the heart, and more to the glory of God and the salvation of your students.

Anyway, if St. Augustine can feel bad about his teaching and talking skills, I’m thinking the rest of us should take comfort. 🙂

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