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Pastoral Care continues with more warnings about the perils of being in charge.

Chs. 03-04: Of the weight of government; and that all manner of adversity is to be despised, and prosperity feared. That for the most part the occupation of government dissipates the solidity of the mind.



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Pastoral Care (aka The Book of Pastoral Rule, The Shepherd Book, etc.) is St. Gregory the Great’s management book for bishops and pastors. If he could train his people to face the rigors of his day and the next thousand years, maybe he can train you to face leadership crises, too!

If you’re a bishop or pastor, I bet you’ve already read this. But hey, nothing like a refresher course you can put on your iPod.

Chs. 00-02:  Prologue. That the unskilful venture not to approach an office of authority. That none should enter on a place of government who practise not in life what they have learnt by study.

11: 18.

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Against Heresies continues. Book III throws the Gnostics some scriptural arguments and traditional Church interpretations thereof. These chapters also include a list of the first 12 Popes to prove the continuity of Apostolic teaching. Pretty cool, eh?

Chapters 00-04: The Apostles Did Not Commence to Preach the Gospel, or to Place Anything on Record, Until They Were Endowed with the Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit. They Preached One God Alone, Maker of Heaven and Earth; The Heretics Follow Neither Scripture Nor Tradition — A Refutation of the Heretics, from the Fact That, in the Various Churches, a Perpetual Succession of Bishops Was Kept Up; The Truth is to Be Found Nowhere Else But in the Catholic Church, the Sole Depository of Apostolical Doctrine; Heresies are of Recent Formation, and Cannot Trace Their Origin Up to the Apostles.


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