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*smacking my head*

Why didn’t I think of this? Of course we need a site with all the public domain Celtic texts possible! And links! Lots of links!


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The Nebuly Coat continues, and the news of Lord Blandamer’s visit spreads through all of Cullerne.

Chapter 9, Part 1


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The Nebuly Coat continues. Westray meets Lord Blandamer (and presses him for donations to the church renovation, natch), while Anastasia ponders his hidden depths.

Chapter 8


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Call for Suggestions, v.3.0

I’m always on the lookout for suggestions, of course. But even though I’ve got so many projects in train, I think it’s time to ask.

What would you like to hear as an audiobook? What unfairly overlooked classics do you dearly love, and want to push on others? What fun stuff do you wish others knew about?

What kinds of stuff am I neglecting, and what do you wish I did more often on the podcast?

What are you being assigned, and dread reading? 🙂

I also think it’s only fair to warn you that, as I begin the awesomely nifty Book 3 of Irenaeus’ Against Heresies (where he talks about what he’s for as opposed to what he’s against), I’ve decided I have to break things up a bit into smaller parts, since folks don’t want to start with huge downloads. This will slow down progress, but hopefully a lot of folks will jump on Book 3.

To console the diehards who like to have lots to listen to on Wednesdays, and to draw in more newbies, I’ve decided to add St. Gregory the Great’s Pastoral Care to the slate.  As we all know, it was one of the first books widely translated into English (thanks, King Alfred!) and was all over Europe with every bishop and abbot for centuries. But who reads it now?

Well, I looked into it. You know what it is? A medieval management manual. Awesome, and useful to layfolk as well as clergy. I’m telling you, why revive Machiavelli, strive to be inspired by Ayn Rand’s bad romance novel heroes and pathetic masochist female characters, or draw management lessons from Genghis Khan and Attila, when you can read this instead?

Unless maybe because this book expects you to do good, improve life for the next generation, and worry about your subordinates’ health, wellbeing, and souls?

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Blog Announcement

I apologize for not putting anything new up last night. I had to work later than normal, and I’ve been tired all week. Since choir practice started up again this week, I’ve got to get back into gear!

I do intend to put up podcasts tonight, though. After all, we’ve just started the “second act”, so to speak, of The Nebuly Coat.

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