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Pharsalia continues — or rather, the Battle of Pharsalia begins. Pompeius fears the omens and Caesar loves them, but both know the stakes are high as they speak to their men.

Chock full of quoteable (and much quoted) lines!

Book 7, Part 1


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Updated and corrected. The Ascent of Mount Carmel continues, as St. John describes how faith will lead to understanding and the union with God. Then there’s an interesting discussion of spiritual vs. natural understanding, and what types of knowledge go where.

I know a lot of this must be traditional theology/philosophy, but you don’t run across this sort of thing in books today. It’s interesting; sort of a mini spiritual neuropsych course. 🙂

Chs. 9-10: How faith is the proximate and proportionate means of the understanding whereby the soul may attain to the Divine union of love. Wherein distinction is made between all apprehensions and types of knowledge which can be comprehended by the understanding.



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Updated and corrected. The Ascent of Mount Carmel continues. St. John breaks it to us that no created thing (creature) and no knowledge we can comprehend is able to bring us union with God. Only God can do that, so you may as well get out of the way and let Him go at it.

Chapter 8: How no creature and no knowledge that can be comprehended by the understanding can serve as a proximate means of Divine union with God.


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Updated and corrected. The Ascent of Mount Carmel continues with a discussion of how the Gospel tells us that the way to heaven is narrow and harsh. So to make it up the path and fit through the gate, we have to drop all the useless things we cling to, but which encumber us.

Chapter 7: Wherein is described how strait is the way that leads to eternal life and how completely detached and disencumbered must be those that will walk in it. We begin to speak of the detachment of the understanding.


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