Archive for August 22nd, 2006

Archive.org is still deep in the throes of reorganization and system slowdown. I haven’t the foggiest when I’ll be able to update Little Fuzzy. The latest chapters of Irenaeus are up; but I didn’t have time to label them (and stuff like that) this morning, and now they seem to be inaccessible again. As for anything else on here, it’s anybody’s guess as to whether you’ll be able to access them at all with archive.org running slow.

Still, this doesn’t happen often, and the archive.org server space is free (not to mention a valuable service to the public). So I apologize for the inconvenience. Please keep trying back; I’ll let you know when new stuff goes up.

Meanwhile, Librivox makes its public domain audiobooks available on bittorrent as well as from archive.org, and mine may even be floating around out there somewhere. (Since I did make them public domain, that’s perfectly okay.) So take a look, and go feed your need for audiobooks.


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