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Oooh, this one’s a another spooooky half-chapter of the Pharsalia! Pompey’s son visits the most evil necromancer-witch in in all of witch-haunted Thessaly!

(Ties in rather nicely with what I’m reading right now — N.T. Wright’s The Resurrection of the Son of God, in which he points out at length that the Greeks and Romans of Jesus’ time didn’t believe in ghosts doing human stuff like eating regular food or being able to be touched, thought the soul would like to escape the prison of the body and hate to come back, and would have regarded a resurrected person as Really Creepy. He doesn’t really go into the Pharsalia that I saw, presumably because it’s not popular anymore, but it really proves his point. Even better than Homer and Virgil.)

(But mostly, it’s just creepy.)

Book 6 (cont.): The Witch of Thessalia.


The battle of Pharsalia commences next week. Same time, same podcast.


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