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I’ve been too busy and sleepy to mention I’ve had an upswing in readers this week, thanks to Julie D’s podcast article for Spero News. She called my podcast “difficult to categorize”. Hee! In the words of the song, “If you have to put me in a box, make it a BIG box.”

We tend to forget that literature is not just fiction, but everything written. Christian literature is not a tiny earnest section in the bookstore; it’s undoubtedly the lion’s share of everything ever written. All Christians should be interested in pretty much everything, because God and His grace are everywhere, and so is the good, the true, and the beautiful. There is no reason to narrow our view when God has provided us with so much to see.
(Non-Christians should take an interest in everything too, of course! An educated, logical, sensible citizenry is the bulwark of freedom. Besides, it’s more fun to know literature than not, and public domain literature is cheap.)

So that’s why I choose the big box. This site is full of books and stories I’ve read and enjoyed, works I haven’t read by authors I like, authors I think should be brought back, and stuff I’ve run across and think looks interesting. In other words, it’s pretty much like browsing bookshelves with me. (Except that I don’t creep you out by taking deep happy sniffs of papery air and occasionally running my fingers along the bindings.)

Welcome, Spero News readers. Enjoy looking around, and feel free to subscribe or stop by often. Leave comments if you have problems or if you just have something to say. There’s almost a year’s worth of podcast here, so you shouldn’t run out of listening material. 🙂


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