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As Little Fuzzy really gets rolling, Jack Holloway finds a little fuzzy surprise back at his camp.

Part II


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Little Fuzzy is one of sf’s best-loved novels. Even if you don’t love it, you’ll definitely find it pleasant and interesting. Since its original published version has fallen into the public domain and been put up by Gutenberg, I am there.

It’s also suitable for kids — not really little kids, but eight or ten and up should be okay. (No cursing you wouldn’t see in a fifties movie. Smoking and drinking. Hunting and killing animals and other action scenes.) You might have to explain some of the technical and legal talk.

This chapter of Little Fuzzy provides the set-up. You don’t meet the title character until next chapter. (Which, unfortunately, I won’t be able to put up until tonight.)

Part I



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I’m running a little behind, and tonight I have to go to Mass. (Holy Day of Obligation, remember?) So I’m afraid that my Feast of the Assumption posting is going to have to go up tomorrow as a Fathers posting. (Which it is anyway.) Book 6, Part 2 of the Pharsalia is just going to have to wait till next week. Sorry about that.

Meanwhile, you can fill your Assumption holiday listening needs over at Catholic Under the Hood, Catholic Rockers, and other folks participating in the Assumption Podcast Carnival. (If they’d told me about it before, I would’ve. Snif.)

You can also read some early Assumption/Dormition narratives over here at the site of a guy who’s written a big thick tome gathering together early traditions, archeological evidence, and the relationship they bear to stuff in Jewish tradition. Yay for big thick tomes! (And libraries that buy them!) (Via Paleojudaica and Way of the Fathers.)

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