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This sermon by the fourth century bishop of a town in Asia Minor purports to be on divorce, but really, it’s a lot more about marriage and the general awesomeness of wives and all women. (Note to the Fathers: Flattery will get you everywhere, including onto this podcast.)

I might never have read Asterius, but for the awesomeness that is tertullian.org.

Sermon V: On Divorce


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Against Heresies continues with refutation of Gnostic arguments that Judas and the Twelve Apostles represent the Aeons.

Chs. 20-21, Bk. 2: Futility of the Arguments Adduced to Demonstrate the Sufferings of the Twelfth Aeon from the Parables, the Treachery of Judas, and the Passion of Our Saviour; The Twelve Apostles Were Not a Type of the Aeons.


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Against Heresies continues as Irenaeus discusses the logical implications of Gnostic doctrine about their own sweet superior selves.

Ch. 19, Book 2: Absurdities of the Heretics as to Their Own Origin: Their Opinions Respecting the Demiurge Shown to Be Equally Untenable and Ridiculous


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