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The Pharsalia continues with a voyage over winter seas, Caesar getting antsy and doing something really stupid, and Pompey (Pompeius) sending his wife Cornelia to safety.

Book V (cont.): The Storm.


I think I have a good handle now on why Lucan has been so popular so long. We have exciting war segments and much bravery, misguided or no. We have hacking and slashing gross bits for the school kids taking Latin. We have sweet and bittersweet scenes of true love and marriage. Then, we also have spooky segments for the horror fans. (Anyone else find it odd that most of these involve good old fashioned Roman religion?) There’s also the reliable Gothic fun of “had they but known their fate! Oh, the irony!” Finally, we have Christ figures, like Cato, and appealing but fiendish figures, like Caesar. A little bit of everything.


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The Pharsalia continues with a creepy trip to Delphi, and Caesar’s troops getting a wee bit discontented.

Book V, Part 1: The Oracle. The Mutiny.


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