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Against Heresies continues with more examination of the ‘genealogy’ of the Aeons, and whether their order of production makes any sense, considering what they personify.

Ch. 13: The First Order of Production Is Altogether Indefensible


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This week, Treatise IV takes us from “give us this day our daily bread” all the way to “deliver us from evil”. (The final part next week will go back again to advice on how to pray.)

Part 3: Give us this day…deliver us from evil


Btw, you might want to click through to that first archive.org link just to see something very nice which the folks at archive.org have done. They’ve made me my own banner and section! I had absolutely no idea they had anything like that in mind.

(Probably they are giving me a gentle hint to tag my stuff…. I suppose it was probably starting to choke out the audiobooks made individually, just as Librivox’s books were. Since I am the most procrastinatory person in the world, this sort of coup d’etat was probably the best way to deal with me!)

Anyway, I am very grateful for this gift of my own room in the asylum!


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