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The Pharsalia continues as the people of Massilia are besieged on land and fight a desperate sea battle against Caesar’s little navy, led by Decius Brutus. (Yes, yet another Brutus.)

This part contains graphic scenes of battle and death. It is not work-safe.

Also contains a very spooky sacred grove, which sounds as though it influenced Tolkien.

Part 2, Book III



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The Pharsalia continues as Pompey’s dead wife (Caesar’s daughter Julia) lets him know she means to haunt his dreams and keep him from his new wife, the unlucky Cornelia. Meanwhile, Pompey’s forces are joined by supporters from all over the known Roman world and beyond it. Lucan, like Julia, keeps reminding us that they’re all doomed.

Meanwhile, the Greek settlers of Massilia (Marseilles) want to remain neutral in Rome’s civil war. Caesar doesn’t intend to let them.

Book III: Massilia


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