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For once, a chapter of The Ascent of Mount Carmel where I’m not flailing to describe just what it’s about….

This chapter describes why the soul, to advance toward union with God, has to turn away deliberately from its own knowledge and experience — including its previous experiences of the supernatural — to walk by faith alone. Everything the soul knows of itself is just a sort of approximation, which is fine for normal purposes, but worse than nothing as regards God. Having so little and so inaccurate of knowledge really is a dangerous thing — and misleading, too. So the soul needs to set all that aside and go with nothing but blind faith. Only by walking blind will the soul be able to see.

(This does not mean ditching your Christian faith, of course, as that is precisely your guide. Christianity is not something we know of ourselves, but through revelation, reason, and faith — all of which were given to us by God, and exist outside ourselves. You also don’t get to ditch Mass and the other obligations of the faith, since those are your air, water, and food for the journey, and were instituted by God for that purpose. I hope it was unnecessary for me to say this.)

Chapter 4: How the Soul Must Be in Darkness to Be Guided by Faith



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