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Morien continues, as Sir Gariet (Gareth) joins the quest for Morien’s absent father, Sir Agloval. Morien has to ask his dad a very important question; so, apparently, important questions run in the family. Also, we have a dream sequence involving a stairway to heaven. (But no lady’s trying to buy it.)

Part 5



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It’s Mystery Thursday again, and today our story is “The Reward”.

Melville Davisson Post is another forgotten turn-of-the-century American mystery writer. Even mystery buffs mostly think of him as the author of the Uncle Abner stories (historical mysteries set in the backwaters of the antebellum South). But in his own time, he was more well known for writing the rather chilling stories of Randolph Mason, a lawyer who planned crimes for criminals so that they’d be sure to get off scot-free, especially after life imitated the legal loophole in “The Corpus Delicti”. (Uncle Abner came later, though he was also quite famous.) Project Gutenberg has his collection of his WWI-time stories about an aristocratic Scotland Yard detective, The Sleuth of St. James Street; “The Reward” is one of them.

Trivia: Post, himself a lawyer, ran for president in 1924 on the Democratic ticket.

“The Reward”


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Blog Announcement

Mystery Thursday will be slightly delayed. When I get everything up and processed later today, though, I promise there’ll be a story. I apologize for my slowness this week.

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