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The second book continues as we learn how faith could possibly be a dark night to the soul.

(Even on a non-devotional level, I find the wide variety of connotations to “night” in this book fascinating. It’s so non-dualistic. You could write a whole fantasy novel on this stuff very easily….)

Book 2,  Ch. 3



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As The Ascent continues, we learn about the second stanza of the poem and the second “night” — the night of faith.

Book 2, Chs. 1-2


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“A Declaration of the Delegates of Maryland” was Maryland’s declaration of independence, ratified by their convention before all the states’ conventions had ratified the Declaration of Independence. Drafted by Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the Declaration’s only Catholic signer, it’s an interesting mix of principle, courage, and devotion with some highly ironic complaints.

Primary sources are good! Listen!
A Declaration of the Delegates of Maryland


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