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Over on my other blog, I quoted some skiffy-sounding bits of Prudentius’ “Hymn for the Burial of the Dead” for Jim Baen’s passing, but people seem to have been searching for it over on this blog. So I’ve stashed the whole thing over on archive.org. The message is somewhat more traditional-sounding in context — a nice rundown of the temporary nature of the separation of soul and body, among other cool stuff.

“Hymn for the Burial of the Dead”


UPDATE: I briefly had a post up for St. Athanasius’ Day. Took it down, because it was a different St. Athanasius — a Mt. Athos monk, not the famous Alexandrian bishop and Father of the Church. (The feast I meant was back on May 2.) I apologize if I misled anyone. Still, it’s great we have all these saints to celebrate, ne?

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The Pearl: Seven Hymns on the Faith concludes. Pretty interesting stuff, I think.
Hymns 5, 6, and 7


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Book II of Against Heresies continues with Irenaeus’ explanation of and arguments against the Gnostic theories that the world was made in a blank space outside the Pleroma, and made against God’s will.

Chs. 04-06, Book II


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Book II of Against Heresies continues with Irenaeus’ arguments against the Gnostics’ claims that the world was made by angels behind God’s back, and that the Creator of the world was any being but God.

Chs. 02-03, Book II


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Book II of Against Heresies begins with a preface explaining the plan of this volume, which is mostly intended to suggest apologetics arguments against Gnostic ideas. The first chapter explains the logical impossibility of multiple Gods and Creators, as the Gnostics’ theories would have it.

Chs. 00-01, Book II


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Mr. Sponge continues, with a rather inauspicious rendition of the most important meal of the day.

Ch. 62: A Family Breakfast


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Mr. Sponge, the object of so much speculation and envy from its inhabitants, finally arrives at Nonsuch House.

Ch. 61: Nonsuch House Again


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