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Book I of The Ascent of Mount Carmel ends with a discussion of the meaning of the rest of the first stanza of the poem.

Chs. 14-15: The Rest of the First Stanza


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The Ascent continues as we learn about the special problems associated with certain desires; we also learn how a person can enter the “night of sense”: conquering the desires, calming passions like fear and grief, and living in a self-sacrificial way.

Chs. 12-13: Kinds of Problems with Kinds of Desires, and How to Enter the Night of Sense



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The Ascent of Mount Carmel continues, with a chapter on why even itsy-bitsy teensy-weentsy desires and attachments are a Bad Idea. Especially since it would be REALLY embarrassing to make no spiritual progress just because you really really wanted to buy that Burger King Death Star glass.

(I acknowledge that this is the chapter I really need to read before hitting the bookstore.)

Chapter 11, Book I: Little Desires Hold You Back


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