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Search Engine Fun

Now that I get stats from WordPress for my blogs (free — I'm cheap), I find myself very interested in what brings people here. Given how much content I've got, that changes quite a bit.

I'm sorry to disappoint people looking for a sewing bird, though they'll probably appreciate Fitz's poem. However, I seem to be extremely useful to those folks looking for "Locksley Hall" and "The Parliament of Fowls". (I swear, I've seen stats for these two poems all the time this spring and summer.) So once again, my presence on Earth is justified.


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Horatius! At the bridge! And it's as good as all the literary references say! (Sorry, but it really is exciting to finally meet "Lars Porsena of Clusium, By the Nine Gods he swore" and see "Volaterrae". And, as Joe Bob Briggs says, "Heads will roll!")

Sometimes literary works which were well-regarded in one age don't work for another. But this one sure works for me.



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