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The Harriers are heroes of the Resistance, ready to stand up against tyranny.  Or are they? Can Hull fight with them and keep his honor?

Chapter 6: The Harriers



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The novel continues as Hull Tarvish returns to Ormiston and Vail. But his happiness is still threatened by the Master of N'Orleans — and his witch sister, Princess Margaret.

Chapter 5: Black Margot


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Hull Tarvish prepares for battle. The forces of Selui finally clash with Joaquin Smith, the Master. But what if he really is a sorcerer?

Chapter 4: The Battle of Eaglefoot Flow


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Europe and the Faith continues, as Belloc tells us how a rex became a king.

Ch. 4C


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Belloc tells us the sort of things a Roman rex and the local council got up to.

Ch. 4B


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Belloc’s account of European history continues, as we learn that “rex” doesn’t always mean “king”.

Chapter 4: The Beginning of the Nations


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Hull returns to Ormiston — and a girl named Vail. But Joaquin Smith of N’Orleans is on the march.

Chapter 3: The Master Marches


I made up the tunes, as I have no idea whether Weinbaum had any specific ones in mind.

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