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The English comedy classic continues, as Mr. Sponge and Mr. Spraggon try their hand at writing an article.

Ch. 39: Writing the Run.


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The English comedy classic is on the scent, as Mr. Puffington goes hunting — still under the impression that Mr. Sponge is a famous sportswriter.

Ch. 38: A Day with Puffington’s Hounds.


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The English comedy classic continues, as Mr. Puffington receives his guests and Mr. Spraggon looks for someone to carry his luggage from the station.

Ch. 37: Mr. Puffington’s Domestic Arrangements.


“His vehemence and big talk operated favourably on the cockney station-master, who, thinking he must be a duke, or some great man, began to consider how to get him forwarded. It being only a thinly-populated district—though there was a station equal to any mercantile emergency, indeed to the requirements of the whole county—he ran the resources of the immediate neighbourhood through his mind, and at length was obliged to admit—humbly and respectfully—that he really was afraid Martha Muggins’s donkey was the only available article.”

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“The Diamond Lens” was one of Fitz-James O’Brien’s most acclaimed stories. You won’t really know why until I post Part 2. (Sorry about that.) Still, the setup section is pretty interesting and bizarre in itself. (Although I can’t figure out if he was gullible about spiritualism, or he liked writing about how it would work if it really were real.)

Part 1, “The Diamond Lens”


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More of Book 3, Part 4. Chs. 54-55: “The Different Motions of Nature and Grace” and “The Corruption of Nature and the Efficacy of Divine Grace”.

Part 30.


We should be done with Book 3 soon and moving on to Book 4, which is all about the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

People have been commenting that my files are too quiet. Well, I tried amplifying them this week, and I don’t really like the results much. I think we’ll go back to quiet files.

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More of Book 3, Part 4. Chs. 51-53: “When We Cannot Attain the Highest, We Must Practice the Humble Works”, “A Man Ought Not to Consider Himself Worthy of Consolation, But Rather Deserving of Chastisement”, and “God’s Grace Is Not Given to the Earthly Minded”.

Part 29


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More of Book 3, Part 4.  Chs. 49-50: “The Desire of Eternal Life; the Great Rewards Promised to Those Who Struggle” and “How a Desolate Person Ought to Commit Himself into the Hands of God”.

Part 28


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More of Book 3, Part 4. Ch. 46-48: “Trust in God against Slander”, “Every Trial Must Be Borne for the Sake of Eternal Life”, and “The Day of Eternity and the Distresses of This Life”.

Part 27


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I was going to put up this week’s Surtees chapters today, since Tuesday was devoted to St. Valentine’s Day. But unfortunately, last night I was so tired I could barely focus my eyes, and this mornng isn’t much better. (Which isn’t good, since I have to get to work early.) So Surtees will have to wait until the weekend. I apologize for the inconvenience.

To hold you till then, here are some audio drama podcasts: Sound Stages, The Sonic Society, and the intriguing Spaceship Radio (new productions of radio plays fallen into the public domain). Haven’t listened to any of ’em, but they look interesting. Enjoy!
You might want to check out some fannish modern audio drama podcasts that I’ve recently found. Fannish audio drama has a long and honorable tradition. Some of these amateur audio drama serials have been distributed on tape (and now CD) in series lasting over 20 years. So it’s not surprising that the Web-based ones are going strong and new ones coming along all the time.
Pendant Productions has a fairly long serial about Superman, a few episodes of James Bond, and now an episode each of Batman and Wonder Woman shows. They will soon be moving into original subjects as well. Pretty good quality stuff, as least as far as I’ve listened to them.

Darker Projects features fairly dark audio worlds, some fannish (Star Trek, Doctor Who) and some original. Again, I haven’t listened very far, but what I’ve heard is high quality.

Star Wars Fan Works comes highly recommended, though I haven’t listened to it at all. But I have to put up something for the Star Trek fans I know…. 🙂

For those of you who like something a little more visual, and have a lot of time to download, don’t forget that there are plenty of fannish video productions out there, too. The longest one I know of is the original character series Star Trek: Hidden Frontiers,  with seven seasons available. (Which is apparently itself a followup project to a feature-length film and a TV series unavailable to non-club members, all about the USS Angeles. The word “amateur” almost begins to be inapplicable.)

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This chapter of The Eye of Osiris brings you coal, potatoes, onions, bandages, tea, and a Brilliant Idea. Enjoy!

Chapter 6: Sidelights


UPDATE: I fixed the filename. Now it should download properly. Sorry about that.

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What kind of stuff’s in the latest chapter of The Eye of Osiris? Boats on the Thames, lawyers on the prowl, beds of watercress, and liver-flukes, to name just a few. Enjoy!

Chapter 5: The Watercress-Bed


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Lecture 6: On the Unity of God – Part 2: On Heresies

If you’re interested in the details Cyril doesn’t want to talk about, check the text footnotes and their sources, or just search around on the Net.

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Here’s the archive.org page.

Lecture 6: On the Unity of God — Part 1


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Here’s the archive.org page for “The Parliament of Fowls”.

“The Parliament of Fowls”, Part 1


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“The Parliament of Fowls”, Part 2


(I had to rush off to work today before posting Part 1. It’ll be up tonight. But Part 1 is just the introductory bit, anyway.)

UPDATE: Part 1 is up now.

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