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Lecture 9: On the words “Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things, visible and invisible”.


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Ch. 43: Another Sick Host


Mr. Sponge finds himself in a sticky spot once again.

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Ch. 42: The Morning’s Reflections


A little moral and practical lesson here. 🙂

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Ch. 41: Dinner and a Deal


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Ch. 40: A Literary Bloomer


This chapter, which follows the article-writing in Chapter 39, is pretty funny to me. A nice look at how the old system of multiple newspapers might work in a tiny town.

(‘Bloomer’ is a contemporary term for a feminist, after the lady who invented bloomers. And yes, in the illustrations Miss Lucy is indeed wearing bloomers. But of course, ‘bloomer’ also still means ‘big mistake’ in British slang.)

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Blog Announcement

The latest installments of Mr. Sponge will be up shortly — God willing and the crick don’t rise. However, due to poor planning on my part and the fact I’m going to have needles stuck in me tomorrow morning, I’m not going to have the latest installments of the Catechetical Lectures up first thing in the morning, either.

I apologize for the Lenten inconvenience. If it helps any, I assure you that needles make me feel very penitent.

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