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This is a really nice little story about a little girl, a church bazaar, and the burden of responsibility for a raffle item.

The author was very well known and popular at the time and apparently was also matriarch of several literary clans, as well as having 18 movies adapted from her work. But I never had heard of her before this week, even in classes on female American writers. So here’s a fun Irish Catholic (or tough Californian reporter chick) foremother for us!
“What Happened to Alanna”


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Blog Announcement

1. Yes, I played around with the theme again.

2. WordPress.com has decided to clearly differentiate “categories” and “tags”. If you click on one of my “categories” in the left sidebar (like “Humor”), you’ll get a list of my posts (or podcasts, or audiobooks) on that subject. If you click on the same word right underneath said post, you’ll go to a page listing posts on that subject from blogs all over wordpress.com.

I think this is a pretty interesting and fun feature, as long as you realize what’s going on. So now I do, and so do you.

3. Welcome to all my new visitors! The best way to pick out all the podcasts of one book on this blog is either to use the search, or click on the category on the sidebar for it. For example, if you wanted to find all the Catechetical Lectures I’ve read so far, you could click on “The Fathers”.

You can also go to the detail page where these podcasts are hosted on archive.org; I link to it in every podcast post. There are usually multiple pages for a long book like The Catechetical Lectures. I try to have them in a logical order, also; if you find yourself on http://www.archive.org/details/CyrilJCatLects02, you can just change one number in the URL and find the first part at CyrilJCatLects01. On the details page, you can also find various other file formats derived from my original mp3, and sometimes “cover art” as well.
(On a few occasions, archive.org wouldn’t give me the next number in sequence because it was acting up. If you can’t find a detail page, use the search feature on archive.org, and it should come right up.)

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The British Museum is just the place for romance, and a mummy is a great test of intimacy! Yes, love among the poor and over-educated is a geeky-splendored thing. Too bad all that talk about chopped-up body parts has to shadow the evening’s end….

Chapter 8: A Museum Idyll


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With Thorndyke and Jervis to interpret for us, we finally get to read the bizarre last will and testament of the vanished Egyptologist, John Bellingham.

Chapter 7: John Bellingham’s Will

37 min.

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By the way, if you didn’t notice, I fixed the faulty link to Chapter 6 of this book, back in #114.

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A short lecture on why Christians call God “almighty” in the creed the candidates are learning.

Lecture 8: Almighty.


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