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The Catechetical Lectures continue. This one is all about God the Father.

Lecture 7: The Father.


I’m going for medical tests tomorrow and staying with my parents tonight, so it’ll be a lightly blogged Wednesday for the Fathers. Sorry about that.

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The English comedy classic continues, as Mr. Sponge and Mr. Spraggon try their hand at writing an article.

Ch. 39: Writing the Run.


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The English comedy classic is on the scent, as Mr. Puffington goes hunting — still under the impression that Mr. Sponge is a famous sportswriter.

Ch. 38: A Day with Puffington’s Hounds.


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The English comedy classic continues, as Mr. Puffington receives his guests and Mr. Spraggon looks for someone to carry his luggage from the station.

Ch. 37: Mr. Puffington’s Domestic Arrangements.


“His vehemence and big talk operated favourably on the cockney station-master, who, thinking he must be a duke, or some great man, began to consider how to get him forwarded. It being only a thinly-populated district—though there was a station equal to any mercantile emergency, indeed to the requirements of the whole county—he ran the resources of the immediate neighbourhood through his mind, and at length was obliged to admit—humbly and respectfully—that he really was afraid Martha Muggins’s donkey was the only available article.”


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