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“The Diamond Lens” was one of Fitz-James O’Brien’s most acclaimed stories. You won’t really know why until I post Part 2. (Sorry about that.) Still, the setup section is pretty interesting and bizarre in itself. (Although I can’t figure out if he was gullible about spiritualism, or he liked writing about how it would work if it really were real.)

Part 1, “The Diamond Lens”



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More of Book 3, Part 4. Chs. 54-55: “The Different Motions of Nature and Grace” and “The Corruption of Nature and the Efficacy of Divine Grace”.

Part 30.


We should be done with Book 3 soon and moving on to Book 4, which is all about the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

People have been commenting that my files are too quiet. Well, I tried amplifying them this week, and I don’t really like the results much. I think we’ll go back to quiet files.

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More of Book 3, Part 4. Chs. 51-53: “When We Cannot Attain the Highest, We Must Practice the Humble Works”, “A Man Ought Not to Consider Himself Worthy of Consolation, But Rather Deserving of Chastisement”, and “God’s Grace Is Not Given to the Earthly Minded”.

Part 29


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More of Book 3, Part 4.  Chs. 49-50: “The Desire of Eternal Life; the Great Rewards Promised to Those Who Struggle” and “How a Desolate Person Ought to Commit Himself into the Hands of God”.

Part 28


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More of Book 3, Part 4. Ch. 46-48: “Trust in God against Slander”, “Every Trial Must Be Borne for the Sake of Eternal Life”, and “The Day of Eternity and the Distresses of This Life”.

Part 27


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