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Mr Sponge’s Sporting Tour continues as Mr. Puffington prepares to receive in his home the authoritative Mr. Sponge. Will Mr Bragg the huntsman be ready?

Chapter 36: Mr Bragg’s Kennel Management.

10 min.

Mr. Bragg's Equestrian Portrait


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The classic English comedy continues as Lord Scamperdale visits Jawleyford. He’s the perfect guest for a man with two daughters — titled, monied, and single. But what are his real intentions?

Chapter 35:  Lord Scamperdale at Jawleyford Court.

21 minutes or so.


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Mr Sponge’s Sporting Tour continues, as Lord Scamperdale receives a note in the post from Mr. Puffington. Which begins with the words, “Dear Scamp”.

Chapter 34: The Beaufort Justice.

15:21 or so.

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