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“Minot’s Ledge” is not just a poem; it’s a notoriously dangerous shelf of rocks outside Boston Harbor. The lighthouse built there almost always had its feet wet. Here’s a pretty spooky webpage about the lighthouse and its history.

“Minot’s Ledge”



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Part 23 of The Imitation of Christ is now up. Let’s see if the feed works….

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Blog Announcement

I am currently experiencing technical difficulties in getting my podcast up. (The radiator heat went off this weekend, and my parents decided to drop by this morning. Before work! And I swear I’m coming down with something again….)

A new podcast will be up sometime this afternoon or evening. My apologies for the inconvenience.

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Hello world!

It’s a new beginning for the Maria Lectrix podcast. If I can get this sucker working, that is.

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