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The Eye of Osiris continues.

Chapter 2: The Eavesdropper introduces us more formally to our viewpoint character, and to the people involved in our little disappearing Egyptologist mystery.


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Today’s Mystery Thursday. We begin a new Dr. Thorndyke novel, The Eye of Osiris (1911). It was published in the US and Gutenberg under the boring alternate title of The Vanishing Man. (Honestly, why are alternate US titles of mysteries usually so boring?)

In Chapter 1: The Vanishing Man, we learn the basic facts of a very knotty little case of a disappearing Egyptologist, his fortune, and his will.


In case you’re wondering — yes, it’s Horus’ eye, but it’s also called the Eye of Osiris because Horus gave it to Osiris after his rebirth, allowing him to rule the underworld. So it’s definitely an eerie, borders of death and life symbol here.


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