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Here it’s still Ordinary Time, but in the early 300’s, The Catechetical Lectures are being given during Lent. (Just thought I’d remind you.)

“Lecture III: On Baptism” provides more information, as well as a good dose of the sort of “sweet and gentle pastoral care” combined with “teacher stalking around the classroom engaging people who aren’t paying attention” and “resistance leader trying to ferret out spies” that you’re coming to know and love from Our Cyril.

Not to mention the local touch, which is easy to provide in a class on Christian doctrine if you’re teaching it in Jerusalem. Still, very nice.


(I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — this isn’t class notes; this is a transcript. Somebody was a darned good note-taker. Or Cyril was a very overprepared teacher.)


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The Catechetical Lectures continue, with more sworn-to-secrecy classes in Christian doctrine! And you thought your teachers were strict.

“Lecture II: Repentance and Remission of Sins, and Concerning the Adversary”.


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