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Part 6 continues.

In “Chapter 30: Bolting the Badger”, Mr. Sponge accedes to the dictates of Necessity, but not without a little struggle.



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Part 6 continues.

In “Ch. 29: The Cross-Roads at Dallington Burn”, Lord Scamperdale attempts to go hunting far enough away on a bad enough day that Mr. Sponge won’t attend. Ooooops.


Mr Sponge completely scatters His Lordship

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Part 6 of Mr Sponge is up, which includes…

“Chapter 28: The Faithful Groom.” Mr. Sponge commits a slight error in his labor relations with Mr. Leather.


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Blog Announcement

Apparently, my current format is not friendly and happy to the iPod owners. (Since I don’t use any of these modern conveniences and just hop around and download things, I wouldn’t know. Heck, RSS still seems way too newfangled to me.) So I’m going to change the format to make it easier on them.

Apparently, the desired format is to only have one soundfile per post. (Which basically means these expensive iPod things don’t work very well, I’d say, but nobody consults me about this stuff.) This will of course mess up the looks and organization of this podcast blog, but apparently improve the functionality.

I’m not sure why I care, since there’s never been more than 4 people subscribed to this podcast and we’re apparently down to one plus me. But I guess I have to do something to justify my keep over on archive.org, where all my real readers are.

So from now on, you can just click on the title of an item and get the single download per post. I’ll continue making the archive.org page available as well, just for reference. Also, some of my archive.org posts will now include “cover art”, since I now know how to do this. (Which is good, because the art in Surtees’ books is half the fun.)

Sigh. (*hating necessity of change*)

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