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Carmeli Launch!

Steven Riddle gave this site a very flattering notice over at Flos Carmeli.


Aw, shucks, ’tweren’t nothin’….

I should point out, however, that it was Mr. Riddle’s e-text announcement page which pointed me in the direction of some of the things I read as audiobooks this week. So you truly do reap what you sow, sir!


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Huge Fleepin’ Files

I realize that my mp3 files are rather large for something that’s just spoken word. The problem is that archive.org really likes 96Kbps, and doesn’t really want any file that’s less than 64Kbps in their Open Source Audio section.

However, I may have a solution. If you have an archive.org account, you pretty much automatically can get an ourmedia.org account. I can put smaller versions of the files up there, larger ones in the Open Source Audio section as my contribution to the public domain, and link to both for my listeners’ convenience. (However few they may be.)

I will update all my current posts when I start doing this. But don’t expect it Real Soon, as I have choir tonight.

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I’ve been promising spiritual audiobooks but not providing them. So here’s a medieval English mystical treatise for you — “Of the Song of Angels” by Master Walter Hilton, monk. I found it on CCEL as part of a republished Elizabethan collection of medieval religious treatises, called The Cell of Self-Knowledge.

As usual with treatises on mystical experiences (well, good ones, anyway), there is much to say about false mystical experiences: “inputting” from the Devil appears to be less common in Master Walter’s experience than overeager folks doing their best to turn their brains into mush or make their experiences into something bigger than they are. Sounds like he and Fr. Groeschel would deal well together. 🙂

“Of the Song of Angels”.
16 minutes.

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